Multimedia Series: Bertelsmann Stiftung and Deutsche Welle present global change's winners and losers

Global transformation produces winners and losers – as the latest release of the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Transformation Index (BTI) makes clear. "Secrets of Transformation," a series produced by Deutsche Welle, shows how people in developing and transition countries experience global change.

DSC04132_bear.jpg RMP 2013 7. Nov. 2013 Festakt, Theater Gütersloh(© Arne Weychardt)

A Look back: Reinhard Mohn Prize 2013

Winning Strategies for a Sustainable Future

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Newsletter Archiv: EINWURF – "Future of Democracy"

EINWURF is a Policy Brief of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.  In 6-8 issues per year, it deals with current topics and challenges to the future of democracy. It concentrates on the issues of political participation, the future of parties and parliaments, the sustainability and forward-looking approach of democratic politics, and new forms of direct democracy.