Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Christian-Peter Hanelt, Almut Möller

spotlight europe 01/2011: How the European Union can Support Change in North Africa

  • 1. edition 2011 (PDF)
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At the beginning of 2011 protest movements in Tunisia and Egypt unexpectedly toppled the long-standing regimes of President Ben Ali and President Mubarak. The demonstrators on the streets of Tunis, Cairo and Alexandria have fought for and obtained the opportunity to initiate a new political process in their countries and sent a signal to the whole of the Middle East. Both countries are now at the start of a difficult transitional phase. For decades the regimes were dominated by the two presidents and their parties. They were a synonym for political stagnation. And they have now reached the end of the line. Who and what will finally take their place is an open question. But there is a distinct possibility that in the weeks ahead two countries of the Arab world will set out on the path leading to democratization.