Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Dr. Thieß Petersen, Dr. Michael Böhmer, Dr. Johannes Weisser

Policy Brief #2012/05:
Maastricht 2.0 – Proposed reform of EU sovereign debt rules

Policy Brief Series Future Social Market Economy

  • 1. edition 2012 (PDF)
  • Free of charge

The European Union’s regulations governing sovereign debt are based on the principle of equal treatment of all member states. The recommendations we make here concerning changes in European Union sovereign-debt reduction rules take account of national particularities, but are by no means arbitrary in nature. According to the calculations we present here, such reformed regulations would do far more to promote economic growth than would be the case under the Fiscal Compact’s European debt brake. By 2030, real gains in growth will amount to more than 450 billion euros more than the outcome that would presumably be obtained under the European debt brake.

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