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More Europeans wish to be a part of the European Union. Between March 2016 and August 2016 the support for being a member of the Union grew by five per cent, and is now at 62% across Europe.


France before the election: Where is the country headed?

Who will take up residence in the Élysée Palace? The French are choosing their next president in a two-step process, with a first-round election on April 23 and a runoff on May 7. We take a look at the country's economic and social situation and its global ties.


Brexit/Trump: Wake-up Calls for a More Active EU?

Facing Brexit: Our Chairman and CEO Aart De Geus gives an assessment on how Europe should meet its current challenges.


60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome: What now for the EU?

On March 25 Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the "Treaties of Rome". We have asked experts from the six founding countries to give their view on the EU, its biggest challenges and accomplishments.


Majority of young people in Central and Eastern Europe strongly backs the EU

Different troubling spots and anti European campaigns: Actually the EU is the subject of relentless criticism. But a majority of the young people in Central and Eastern Europe backs it and appreciates it as a guarantor for peace.