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More Europeans wish to be a part of the European Union. Between March 2016 and August 2016 the support for being a member of the Union grew by five per cent, and is now at 62% across Europe.


President Trump Goes to Europe: Two (Theoretically) Easy and a Tough Question on EU Integration, Trade and the Euro

All eyes will be on Donald Trump on his first trip to Europe. Policymakers in Brussels and across European capitals will therefore listen very carefully to what ...


An electoral win, yes – but triumph will have to wait

A general sense of relief, mixed with skepticism, follows Emmanuel Macron's election as President of France. Joachim Fritz-Vannahme comments.


Before the presidential election: The French are more politically polarized than other Europeans

On the verge of the presidential election in France our survey shows: The French are more politically polarized than other Europeans.

Flashlight Europe

Poland and the EU

May 1, 2017 marks 13 years since Poland and other central European states joined the European Union. What has become of the hopes and aspirations in recent ...