Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Franz-Lothar Altmann, Johanna Deimel, Armando Garcia Schmidt

Democracy and Good Governance in the Black Sea Region

Policy Report IV

  • 1. edition 2010 (PDF)
  • Free of charge

Black Sea region countries have diverse political systems, ranging from developed democracies to authoritarian regimes. Communist pasts and a lack of democratic experience have stalled or reversed democratisation processes in many cases. Flawed legal systems and a public distrust in institutions have been paired with growing executive power in many countries. Increasing inequality and unresolved conflicts undermine pro-democratic reforms as well.

The region’s West and South, including Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey, contain relatively stable democracies. Reforms in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova have met with only limited success, hampered by conflicts with neighbours or separatist regions. Russia has shown substantial re-centralisation of power with authoritarian traits. The Ukraine’s post-Orange Revolution momentum has been lost, but democratic procedures and the culture of an open society have taken root.