Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Jacobs Foundation, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Hrsg.) (ed.)

Sabine Andresen, Renate Möller and Johanna Wilmes with the assistance of Dilan Cinar and Pia Nolting

Children's Worlds+ - How we live and what we need (simply explained)

What life is like for children and adolescents in Germany

  • 1. edition 2020, 24 pp (PDF)
  • Free of charge

For the Children’s Worlds+ study 3,500 children and youth in Germany were polled by Prof. Sabine Andresen and her team at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main to find out about their needs and interests. This brochure summarizes the results of this study for children and youths themselves – in a short and simple way. It wants to give young people a chance to get an insight into the way the study was conducted and its main findings, and enable them to discuss about the results.