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Next Generation and the Economy – creating.sustainable.futures.

Across the globe, today’s youth  are essential to our efforts to transition to economic sustainability. With this project, we aim to empower young people in Germany to take an active part in sustainable economic development and make them partners for change.


Foto Tobias Bürger
Dr. Tobias Bürger
Project Manager
Foto Regina Blockhaus
Regina Blockhaus
Senior Project Assistant
Foto Tassia Breidenbrücker
Tassia Breidenbrücker
Project Manager
Foto Sandra Zillinger
Sandra Zillinger
Project Manager


Today’s young people are eager to become agents of change in efforts to achieve a sustainable economy and tackle various societal and environmental challenges. However, many simply do not have the leverage to contribute to sustainable transformation, whether this be through their position at work, or through their own startup.   

For Germany, current data shows that one in three young people can imagine starting their own business. The share of those who actually do so and become young entrepreneurs is much smaller. There are several reasons for this that are specific to the individual, such as the lack of specific skills. But there are also structural barriers to founding a business, which include inadequate financial frameworks and support.

With our “Young People and the Economy” project, we aim to help young people become active changemakers in achieving a sustainable transformation of the economy by identifying the challenges they face and by working with them to develop solutions to these barriers. These include:

  • Skills: We aim to empower more young people to take advantage of sustainable entrepreneurship as a means of creating change, and we aim to make it easier for them to do so. 
  • Ecosystems: Together with our partners, we aim to help develop and bring together regional and sustainable networks from the worlds of business, research and civil society. 
  • Government activity: We examine the ways in which all levels of government can help young people contribute to sustainable economic transformation while also leveraging its own capacity for sustainable transformation.