Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone!
Vocational training allows for economic and social inclusion. We advocate for a more flexible system able to offer everyone a chance to develop their skills and talents.
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Opportunities for Everyone

The “Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone” initiative promotes reforms targeting greater flexibility of vocational training in Germany. Because everyone should have the chance to develop their skills and talents, vocational training should address a broader spectrum of capabilities among youths.


Apprecenticeship training in Spain - a cost-effective model for firms?

Spain could reap benefits of apprenticeship training. This is the result of a study on the costs and benefits of dual apprenticeship training for companies in six sectors of the Spanish economy. read more

Youth Unemployment in Europe


The unemployment rate for young people between 16 and 24 in the European Union is 21.6 %.

(Source: Eurostat)

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Access to vocational training for young people with disabilities

Inclusion within the general education system in Germany has made progress in the last couple of years. But what about vocational training? For young people with disabilities it is particularly difficult to find an in-Company  position in the dual vocational training system. read more

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Equal opportunity and performance of vocational education in Germany

Vocational training in Germany should ideally serve two purposes. It should give every young person an equal chance of attaining an apprenticeship, while providing the economy with urgently needed skilled workers. The vocational-education report will examine the extent to which this is accomplished. read more


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Apprenticeship training in Spain - a cost-effective model for firms?

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Germany´s dual vocational training system

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States of Uncertainty

The study by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) analyses and compares youth unemployment statistics for six European countries. read more