Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin and the Bertelsmann Stiftung have joined forces on a multiannual research project on the future of the European Monetary Union.


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Repair and Prepare: Strengthen the Euro

Europe needs a vision leading from crisis to stability that can act as a guideline for concrete and specific action. The Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin have joined forces for a research project to provide a road map for a stronger European Economic and Monetary Union. The project outlines a reform agenda that addresses economic, political, and legal aspects for a strengthened euro area. The projects evaluates the case for more economic convergence, a deepened single market, and structural reforms in the member states. Furthermore, it proposes institutional improvements that will enhance the euro area’s adjustment and crisis management capacities. Finally, it addresses the issues of credible commitment and reform implementation, and assesses measures to enhance the legitimacy of the common currency union.

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Second #BarTalkEurope: How does Europe shape its digital future?

"How does Europe shape its digital future?”, the second edition of #BarTalkEurope took place in Berlin on 20 June 2018. read more

Participants of EU-to-go-Event

Eu to go spezial – 19.06.2018

Euro reforms: Europe in the run-up to the summit

Before the start of the working day, a new edition of “EU to go spezial” focused on EMU reforms before the upcoming European summit. Lucas Guttenberg (Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin) and Katharina Gnath (Bertelsmann Stiftung) presented the current state of the debate on Euro area reforms. read more



Structural Reforms in France

High Level Workshop in Berlin with Michel Houdebine, Chief Economist at the French Ministry of Finance and the Economy read more

Participants of the Event "EU to go"


Euro reform: Where are we?

The project invited Berlin-based policy-makers and experts to discuss the state of play of Eurozone reforms on the eve of German coalition negotiations. read more


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Online Platforms and how to regulate them: An EU Overview

The rapid rise of online platforms has characterized the digital transformation of the last decade. Their meteoric growth has caused concerns ... read more


Missions for EU innovation policy: why the right set-up matters

The introduction of research and innovation missions in “Horizon Europe” will be one of the most significant changes on previous EU research ... read more


The MFF proposal: What’s new, what’s old, what’s next?

On 2 May 2018, the European Commission released its proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), covering the years 2021-27. ... read more


Takes two to tax. On fair taxation of the digital economy

The ongoing digital transformation poses enormous challenges to current tax law. This is, because value creation through intangibles raises problems ... read more