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Veit Mette

Permeability: Blending Vocational and Academic Training

Up to now, vocational and academic education in Germany has been regarded as two very separate fields of education. We are committed to making the transition between vocational and academic training easier, and we aim to test models that combine both.

Integrated Academic and Vocational Education

The position paper written by the Chance Ausbildung initiative on the topic of permeability proposes a new vocational and academic combined model. The model allows young adults to start with integrated elementary training that takes one to two years and that could include some elements of either vocational and academic training, or both. This model can help them decide what qualification program they wish to continue with, and this could even mean a double qualification for some. The idea of this system is to introduce the young adults to the best of both worlds, allowing them to make informed decisions about which educational track they find better.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung gives life to this model by publishing papers on the subject and, together with the German Stifterverband (a joint initiative started by companies and foundations), supports pilot projects in which the model is being implemented.