Integration and Immigration Within the Vocational Education System

Young adults with a migrant background and the same qualifications have fewer opportunities on the vocational training market. They often end up in transitory educational programs where they do not have the opportunity to complete their education. This ends up being a one-way street for many of these young adults, and this has to change.


Young adults with a migrant background need equal opportunities. The goal of the Chance Ausbildung initiative “Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone!” is to put forward concepts and reform proposals that ensure that these young adults with migrant backgrounds have the opportunity to unfold their potential. This is not only in their interest, but also important from a societal point of view for we need everyone.

The topic of integration also addresses a further aspect: What opportunities await young adults who come to Germany in order to gain a vocational training qualification? Does this help towards solving the current lack of trainees and the subsequent lack of skilled workers in some industries and regions across Germany? We are also looking to address these kinds of questions.