Veit Mette

Inclusion: Access to vocational training for young people with disabilities

Inclusion within the general education system in Germany has made progress in the last couple of years. But what about vocational training? For young people with disabilities it is particularly difficult to find an in-Company  position in the dual vocational training system.

By ratifying the UN Convention on Disability Rights in 2009, Germany committed itself to a series of goals, including ensuring that persons with disabilities are able to access vocational training on an equal basis with others. Germany is, however, far from reaching this goal. For youths with disabilities leaving school, the chances of successful placement in vocational training remain slim.  These young adults are provided far too few opportunities to develop their potential and are far too often segregated into special schools and programs. Worse yet, many remain unemployed or in unskilled labor.

In addressing this problem and its impact on inclusion, the partners behind the “Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone” have developed concrete measures to be taken. They have also developed an implementation plan for these measures targeting improved vocational-training access for young people with disabilities and, ideally, the likelihood of acquiring in-company contracts.