Männlicher Auszubildender
Veit Mette

Heterogeneity: Leading Each and Every Trainee to Success

There is no other qualification program where the diversity of learners is so great. How can trainees be given the individual support they need as they aim to gain a vocational qualification?

The young adults in vocational training today are becoming more and more diverse. Many companies are recruiting dropouts, for example those that, in some case, have already studied field-related subjects for a number of semesters. At the same time, it is necessary to integrate refugees, who might have the required expertise, but for the most part not the language proficiency, into vocational training programs. The good news is that today, there are more young adults with disabilities gaining a regular vocational training qualification. 

Together with our Chance Ausbildung initiative partners, we are committed to better meeting the needs of the trainees with their very different backgrounds both culturally and educationally. The goal is to support every young adult on his or her journey to gaining a vocational training qualification. This requires the development of ideas and concepts on two different levels.

The first level addresses the structure of the qualified jobs, and the curriculum. This includes new ways of structuring and sequencing training phases, a tiered training approach, and the systematic accreditation of previous qualifications and informal skills that might qualify a person to start and gain a vocational education qualification. This could also make it easier for re-entrants to change the choice of job qualification, continue with one they previously dropped out from, or sign up to a tertiary institution.

The second phase addresses the didactics and methodology that is used to transfer knowledge. It is necessary to verify the possibilities and limits of customized learning as well as new ways to support the learning environments and the trainees. At the same time, concepts for individual learning processes as well as teacher and instructor seminars need to be developed to support the topic of heterogeneity.

The definite thematic priorities that the Chance Ausbildung initiative will develop in line with heterogeneity will be developed and published here during the course of 2017.