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Training Opportunities: An Opportunity for Everyone

Vocational training opportunities are unevenly spread across regions, and many placements cannot be filled. The Chance Ausbildung initiative develops proposals to help improve this situation for both young adults and companies.

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Heterogeneity: Leading Each and Every Trainee to Success

There is no other qualification program where the diversity of learners is so great. How can trainees be given the individual support they need as they aim to gain a vocational qualification?

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Initiative: Chance Ausbildung Initiative

Together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Federal Labor Office and a number of Federal Ministries, the Chance Ausbildung initiative is working to implement definite solutions and offer guidance.

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International: Improving Dual Education in Other Countries

Dual apprenticeships are in great demand worldwide. Countries with high youth unemployment, in particular, are anxious to place more emphasis on the practical relevance of their vocational training systems, thereby creating a smoother transition to the labour market. In many cases, the German dual apprenticeship system serves as a role model. But what elements of this system can actually be transferred to other countries? How is it possible to convince businesses in countries with no tradition of vocational training that they should adopt the dual apprenticeship model?

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Monitoring: State report on vocational training

The report compares the vocational training systems in all 16 German federal states in terms of performance and equal opportunities. Its aim is to provide the respective state policy makers with relevant information to help improve regional vocational training systems.

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Integration: Integration and Immigration Within the Vocational Education System

Young adults with a migrant background and the same qualifications have fewer opportunities on the vocational training market. They often end up in transitory educational programs where they do not have the opportunity to complete their education. This ends up being a one-way street for many of these young adults, and this has to change.

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Permeability: Blending Vocational and Academic Training

Up to now, vocational and academic education in Germany has been regarded as two very separate fields of education. We are committed to making the transition between vocational and academic training easier, and we aim to test models that combine both.

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Inclusion: Access to vocational training for young people with disabilities

Inclusion within the general education system in Germany has made progress in the last couple of years. But what about vocational training? For young people with disabilities it is particularly difficult to find an in-Company  position in the dual vocational training system.