NEUE STIMMEN is a international renowned singing competition with worldwide preselection rounds and an recognized master class program for opera singing.

NEUE STIMMEN - Creating Careers

A network for success

With the competition NEUE STIMMEN the Bertelsmann Stiftung creates a big opportunity for young vocal talents from all over the world, to realize a future with a singing career. The competition and master classes are oriented for a sustain career development.

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Liz Mohn – Instigator of the NEUEN STIMMEN

“Music is an integral part of our culture. It connects people, and touches them. I’ve been impressed by the power and beauty of the human voice ever since I was a child. And today I’m convinced that music also promotes tolerance and solidarity, while bringing together people from different countries and cultures. It is a universal language that builds bridges – across any border. That’s why I consider it a great and important task to carefully and sustainably foster the tradition of our musical culture – and not just in Germany, but throughout the world. The people in our society need their cultural roots!
With this is mind, I initiated the European Singing Contest in 1987, which became the NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition just a few years later. It is my wish that NEUE STIMMEN will serve to discover talented young vocalists across the globe, to open doors of mutual understanding for them, and to advise and support them along their career path over the long term. The world of music is changing at a faster and faster pace. Globalization and digitalization are the most powerful engines of change in this field, too. This makes it especially challenging for young vocalists to gain access to the opera stage and find their way into a singing career. In line with our principle of ‘creating careers,’ we want to do all we can to support them in this process.”

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Elsa Dreisig with Grame Jankins


Young people with marvelous voices who want to devote their live to the music are everywhere in the world. But how to discover them? How to bring them to an opera house and foster their careers? read more

Master Class Opera

The objective and task of the NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition is to discover and effectively promote talents worldwide. The Master Class Opera is an important piece of that. read more

Bertelsmann Stiftung’s NEUE STIMMEN competition launches careers


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Singing Competition

Elsa Dreisig and Anatoli Sivko win the NEUEN STIMMEN 2015

Elsa Dreisig from France and Anatoli Sivko from Belarus are the winners of the 16. International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN. read more


The people who make it possible

Without them the singing competition NEUE STIMMEN would not exist. Three portraits.

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Online Magazine

change story: NEUE STIMMEN

The first issue of Bertelsmann Stiftung's new digital magazine is dedicated to the NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition. We offer an informative behind-the-scenes look with mezzo-soprano Nadezhda Karyazina. read more




NEUE STIMMEN 2015: Highlights of the Final

The curtain has fallen: French soprano Elsa Dreisig and bass Anatoli Sivko of Belarus have won the 18th international NEUE STIMMEN 2015 singing competition. The film shows scenes from the finals, the week of competitions and the voices of the winners and jury. read more