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Event: Building bridges for social cohesion - Young Europeans´ Forum 2019

What holds diverse societies together? How can we determine the contours of peaceful, open and solidarity-driven coexistence in a context of diversity? This June, 100 young committed people from across Europe will come together to discuss this issue with activists, politicians and experts at our Young Europeans´ Forum (YEF19) in Berlin. We’re organizing the YEF in cooperation with the Aladdin Project and UNESCO.

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Event: Building bridges for social cohesion: Young Europeans’ Forum 2019

Social cohesion doesn’t happen by itself – it has to be actively shaped. How to achieve that goal was the topic discussed by 100 socially committed young adults from 24 European countries at our Young Europeans’ Forum (#YEF19) on “Building bridges for social cohesion,” held from June 25 to 27 in Berlin. The Bertelsmann Stiftung organized the #YEF19 together with the Aladdin Project and in cooperation with UNESCO.

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Study: The German population is becoming more tolerant of diversity, but polarization is increasing

Two studies examine attitudes toward diversity in Germany.

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07/17/2013: Scandinavia is Global Leader in Social Cohesion

English-speaking countries rank above average; immigration levels statistically insignificant.