How Asia Shapes the Future of Germany

Asia is certain to leave its mark on the 21st century. The rapid changes taking place there, especially in China and India, are altering the global balance of power. For Germany, this development brings opportunities and risks. The program “Germany and Asia” offers advice and orientation.

Whether it is labor market developments or immigration policies, resource security or the competition for talent, Germany’s success in meeting future challenges will largely depend on events in Asia. To find the suitable response, political, business and social leaders require a solid understanding of the causes and consequences of what is happening in Asia.

The program „Germany and Asia“ analyzes the changes taking place in Asia in order to develop recommendations for German and European policymakers. It promotes an objective and constructive dialogue on the ramifications of developments in Asia and ensures that the relevant issues are given due consideration in discussions about the future of Germany.

The program produces academic studies and policy briefs and holds public events to help institutions in Germany gain a better understanding of what is happening in the East. It also fosters the creation of professional networks and cooperation between partners in Asia and Europe so that both sides benefit from their growing interdependence. Through these efforts, Bertelsmann Stiftung is helping to build a solid foundation for relations between Germany and its Asian partners.