Germany and Asia
Asia is shaping the 21st century. Germany must respond to the corresponding risks and challenges.
"Germany and Asia" analyzes these changes and offers policy recommendations.
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Germany and Asia

How Asia Shapes the Future of Germany

Asia is certain to leave its mark on the 21st century. The rapid changes taking place there, especially in China and India, are altering the global balance of power. For Germany, this development brings opportunities and risks. The program “Germany and Asia” offers advice and orientation.

Asia Briefing 16. Mai 2017

Asia Briefing Berlin 16 May 2017

The China story – a case of fake history?

The Chinese Communist Party is making considerable efforts to rewrite the past and establish its own narrative of Chinese history. This “China story”, the historian Frank Dikötter argues, is one of the most powerful political narratives of our times, but it is essentially wrong. read more

Indian high-skilled migrants in Germany


Indian high-skilled migrants and international students in Germany

Similar to the US and UK, immigration from India plays an important role in Germany.  A new study of the Bertelsmann Stiftung conducted by the University of Bielefeld, examines motivations, intentions of stay and development effects of migration from India to Germany for economic and education purposes. read more

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Group photo with Liz Mohn and the winners of the "More than a market award".

Award Ceremony

China is more than a market for German companies

On June 15, 2017 in Shanghai we recognized German companies, who support Chinese society with different projects. read more

Innovationsfaktor Asien


Europe's companies consider themselves disadvantaged compared to Asia

"Made in Europe" under pressure: A timely study by Bertelsmann Stiftung  finds that Europe's entrepreneurs say that the competition from Asia is more and more unbalanced  - and wish for a stronger support by politics. read more

südkorea Seoul Blaues haus

Asia Policy Brief

President Moon Jae-in: The Right Choice for South Korea

In the current issue of the Asia Policy Brief, Hannes B. Mosler, assistant professor at the Institute of Korean Studies and the Graduate School of Asian Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, analyzes the election and the reform agenda of the new president. read more

Paneldiscussion with five participants from politics, science and society

Asia Briefing

Gangnam Blues: South Korea between Boom and Crisis

Bertelsmann Stiftung organized  a panel discussion on the developments in South Korea on 22 November together with the journal "Internationale Politik" (IP). read more


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More than a Market 2017

China has become Germany’s most important economic partner in Asia. Thus, for many German companies, China is now more than just a place ... read more


Indian high-skilled migrants and international students in Germany

Similar to the US and UK, immigration from India plays an important role in Germany. India became the second most important country of origin ... read more


President Moon Jae-in − The Right Choice for South Korea

The success of the newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in will depend on whether he can unite a divided society. He also needs the ... read more


Final Report: Innovation in India

Indian innovation and its impact on developed nations is a topic of increasing relevance in today’s world. A recent study published by the ... read more