Folgeprojekte des 2GETHERLAND 2019
Jugendwerk e.V. Wittmund

FOLLOW-UP PROJECTS: Fair Opportunities for Young People – Necessity Is the Mother of Invention!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, most of the 17 follow-up projects from 2GETHERLAND 2019 are continuing. The participants of the camp are looking for solutions for fair opportunities for young people in various creative ways.

One part of ACT2GETHER is 2GETHERLAND, which is more than just a one-week camp. The aim of 2GETHERLAND is to motivate young people to start their own project for fair opportunities and against social inequality in their city, neighbourhood, school, club or youth centre after their return from the camp. In fact, the follow-up projects of 2GETHERLAND 2019 should have been finished by June 2020. But due to the Corona pandemic, many projects have been postponed.

Full of energy and creativity, delegations from 2GETHERLAND 2019 are discussing ways to continue their projects. The follow-up projects are financially supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation. Out of necessity, young people and adults developed spontaneous projects, such as the Summer Schools in Berlin and Saalfeld.

It is great to see that those involved in the projects still have their motivation to continue. The summer weather also helps many youth organisations to plan outdoor activities and ensure the safety of the participants.

For example, a group of participants from 2GETHERLAND, Jugendwerk e.V., is planning a local 2GETHERIsland on Spiekeroog. We keep our fingers crossed that 2GETHERIsland for children and young people can actually take place. Again, young people, professional pedagogical staff and local organisations support each other to keep the excitement going despite the circumstances.


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