ACT2GETHER – Fair Opportunities for Young People


In Germany, social injustice among young people is a serious, complex and persistent problem that cannot be solved by individual projects. Rather, it requires the long-term cooperation of many partners. The Bertelsmann Stiftung therefore proposes that a partner consortium should develop and promote effective solutions to social inequality for deprived young people.


Foto Anette Stein
Anette Stein
Foto Alexa Meyer-Hamme
Dr. Alexa Meyer-Hamme
Senior Project Manager
Foto Alexandra Schmied
Dr. Alexandra Schmied
Senior Project Manager
Foto Friederike Lienke
Friederike Lienke
Project Assistant
Foto Ruth Kordtomeikel-Hiller
Ruth Kordtomeikel-Hiller
Project Assistant


ACT2GETHER Germany is an initiative that gradually focuses on relevant fields of action for fair opportunities: the aim is to reach young people, families, neighborhoods and decision-makers in politics and administration, professionals in day care, schools and youth centers, charities and associations, media and companies. ACT2GETHER Germany should be developed in a partner consortium and established at local or regional level as well as at the federal and national level. The individual organisations will act with a common understanding. Though in strategic coordination, their activities will be adapted to the respective local or professional framework.


Fair opportunities for young people can only be achieved through dialogue between generations. To provide effective solutions, the voice of young people must finally be heard. However, current methods of participation do not yet reach children and young people from deprived backgrounds to a sufficient extent. It is necessary to develop new methods and establish them on a broad basis. In this regard, 2GETHERLAND 2019 and the cooperation with the youth expert team (YET) have provided first indications. ACT2GETHER Germany continues to build on these efforts and involves children and young people in the commitment for fair opportunities from the very beginning.


Sustainable change requires a multidimensional approach. It involves three different dimensions: Individuals - Organisations - Systems. On this basis, ACT2GETHER Germany focuses on three modules that are mutually dependent and mutually reinforcing:


The 2GETHERLAND is a camp that is planned and implemented for and with disadvantaged young people. The program is designed by young people and adults together and enables all participants to deal with social disadvantage and fair chances. Living together at the camp promotes direct exchange by and with disadvantaged children and young people on their problems, issues and proposed solutions. At the same time, the camp stands for individual empowerment and support of all participants to change their respective environment in follow-up projects. As a result of the first nationwide camp in 2019, 14 regional follow-up projects were implemented locally throughout Germany.



2GETHERLEARN focuses on the competence development of pedagogical professionals who work with disadvantaged young people in all-day schools. The goal is a professional quality of relationship with socially disadvantaged children and adolescents - oriented towards their life worlds. International knowledge and examples of good practice are continuously researched and shared. New learning contents are to find their way into the training and further education of pedagogical specialists.



2GETHERLINK stands for the development of an alliance of strong partners. Together, they work to combat social inequality among young people and put fair opportunities on the agenda of decision-makers in politics, administration, academia and the professional world.