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Learning for Life

Newsletter August 2016

The newsletter informs about the activities of the Bertelsmann Stiftung to improve education and training opportunities for young people and adults.



Competence cards

Recognizing and utilizing the potential of people with migrant backgrounds

People with migrant backgrounds still suffer significant disadvantages with respect to educational and professional opportunities. However, many newcomers have valuable experience and qualifications. In cooperation with various partners, we have developed competence cards for the immigration counseling in order to speed up the recognition and utilization of such qualifications and experience. These cards are now available under a CC BY SA license. read more



When competences become occupational opportunities

This summary evaluates the opportunities and challenges for recognising and validating informal learning in Europe. Best practice examples are shown on the basis of core elements and quality criteria in a cross-country comparison of Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, UK, The Netherlands and Norway. read more


Careers guidance in German schools: recent reforms, best practice and lessons learned

What exactly does careers guidance entail? What does quality management have to do with careers guidance? These and other questions are answered in this article. read more


Cooperation in action: The Dual vocational training system in Germany

How does the dual apprenticeship system in Germany work? How do employers and vocational cooperate? How is the vocational education system reacting to the general trend toward academization? This paper gives an overview of current debates and sketches possible solutions. read more



State Report on Vocational Training

How well is the vocational training system in Germany performing and what are its challenges? The report compares the vocational training systems in all 16 German federal states in terms of performance and equal opportunities. Read a summary of the results online. read more



Project "Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone!"

The “Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone” initiative promotes reforms allowing for greater flexibility of vocational training in Germany. Because everyone should have the chance to develop their skills and talents, vocational training should address a broader spectrum of capabilities among youths. read more



Project “Further Education for all”

The “Further Education for all” project makes continuing education opportunities and deficits of the German landscape transparent, down to the regional level. In cooperation with academia, practice, politics and the economy, we develop and test concepts for better educational guidance, validation of competences and the use of participant-oriented forms of learning. Our goal is to help discover, develop and recognize the competences that people with low levels of formal qualifications have. read more


Social Media

We would like to invite you to communicate with us. Our Blog and Facebook pages (in German) include up-to-date information, summaries and opinions about our work. Take the opportunity to comment and get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.


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