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Asia Update

September 2016

Asia-related activities of Bertelsmann Stiftung and insights into important developments in the region.


Study on Innovation in India

Germany still slow to take advantage of full potential

Research and development in India is rapidly improving. While other industrialized Western countries are already relying extensively on India's multifaceted innovation potential, many German firms still see the world's second-largest emerging economy principally as an expanding market for German goods. Skilled labor from India could help Germany resolve its skilled labor shortage. Our study highlights India's innovation potential for German businesses, especially in view of declining growth rates in China. Read a summary of the study here


Social Engagement of German companies in China

Videos from our Awards Ceremony

More and more German companies see themselves as part of the Chinese system and want to get involved in improving conditions for their employees, their communities and the environment they all live in. To support this development, the initative “More than a Market” by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and the German Consulate General, Shanghai honored four outstanding projects by German companies this year and shone a light on very different approaches to social engagement.  Watch the videos introducing the projects here


GED Study Preview: It's More Than Just Exports

Why China is not as globalized as we think

“Factory of the world”, “world export champion”, “global growth engine” – China appears to be one of the clear winners of globalization. Yet a close examination reveals that China is still nowhere near as connected with the rest of the world as Western industrialized nations, argue our colleagues from the Global Economic Dynamics Project in their analysis on China's positioning in their updated Globalization Report 2016. Read their complete argument here


English Version of Asia Policy Brief July 2016

The End of Panda Politics

Germany enjoys a special relationship with China – for now. The more political and economic competition that takes place between them, the more Germany will have to prepare for conflicts. Yet the instruments Germany has at its disposal for realizing its considerable interests have often been weak at best, argues Bernhard Bartsch, Senior Expert in Bertelsmann Stiftung's Germany and Asia programme in this Asia Policy Brief. Click here for a link to the Asia Policy Brief



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