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Asia Update

October 2019

Asia-related activities of Bertelsmann Stiftung and insights into important developments in the region.



Beyond Investment Screening

The EU and China have entered a new stage in their relationship. There is a growing belief across Europe that the balance of challenges and opportunities China presents has shifted, and that European policy-making needs to adapt to new long-term challenges arising from the competition between economic systems. Our new study explores how Europe could expand its toolbox and address those challenges. Read more and download the study here


Asia in Infographics

Asian Unicorns

The startup industry is booming in Asia. The region is now home to more unicorns than anywhere else in the world, except for the United States. Most deal in e-commerce, fintech and on-demand transportation. Read and download the infographic here


Asia in Infographics

Asia's National Icons

The modern political history of most Asian nations is shaped by revolts - both violent and peaceful - against oppression and colonization. Many of these independence fighters, nation builders and revolutionaries are still celebrated as heroes and, in some cases, demigods. Their words speak of war, strife, pride and nationalism. Read and download the infographic here



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