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Asia Update

July 2019

Asia-related activities of Bertelsmann Stiftung and insights into important developments in the region.


Asia Briefing

The Age of Asia

For more than 500 years, ever since the dawn of the European colonial age, the fate of countries and peoples in Asia, Africa and the Americas was shaped by developments and decisions made in Europe - and, later, the United States. But the West's centuries-long domination of world affairs is now coming to a close. The root cause of this change is the extraordinary economic development in Asia over the last fifty years. For this development the British Journalist Gideon Rachman coined the term "Easternisation". Read more from Gideon Rachman here


Asia in Infographics

China’s 3 Big Tech Giants

China's three tech giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are collectively known as BAT. They have driven the country's digital economy forward and created a multifaceted digital ecosystem that touches every aspect of consumers' lives, serving close to one billion active users monthly. Although they are private companies, they are under strict government control. Read and download the infographic here


Asia in Infographics

Asia's National Icons

The modern political history of most Asian nations is shaped by revolts - both violent and peaceful - against oppression and colonization. Many of these independence fighters, nation builders and revolutionaries are still celebrated as heroes and, in some cases, demigods. Their words speak of war, strife, pride and nationalism. Read and download the infographic here



New project managers in the programme "Germany and Asia"

In April and May 2019 respectively, Parvati Vasanta and Max von Laer joined the programme "Germany and Asia" as project managers at the Bertelsmann Stiftung. While Ms. Vasanta is working both on India and on more general Asia-related topics, Mr. von Laer is focusing mainly on India. Both are very much looking forward to the cooperation with new and existing partners and are open for any suggestions or questions that you might have. We warmly welcome both of them to our team. Read more



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