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Asia Update

February/March 2018

Asia-related activities of Bertelsmann Stiftung and insights into important developments in the region.


Startup Weekend

Making Ideas Happen. Now

The first German Asian Startup Lab was held in Bielefeld from January 26 to 28, jointly organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Germany and Asia program and the Founders Foundation. Thirty students from India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea who are studying at universities and technical colleges in North Rhine-Westphalia spent a weekend intensively learning about launching a startup. Read about the experience and watch a video here



Industry 4.0 - The Future of Indo-German Industrial Collaboration

Industry 4.0 can be described as the fourth industrial revolution, a mega‑Trend that affects every company around the world. A recent Input-Paper published by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute analyses the potentials and challenges for collaboration between India and Germany in this field. Download the paper here


Book Publication

What Holds Asian Societies Together?

Social cohesion has become a key policy goal around the globe – not only in the Western Hemisphere, but also in Asia. Despite growing interest in the concept among policy makers and researchers, no generally shared understanding of social cohesion exists. Most importantly, empirical data are lacking. For these reasons, we developed the Social Cohesion Radar, whose findings for the societies of South, Southeast, and East Asia have been collected in a new study. Read the summary here



The EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) – Responding to the Crisis of the Liberal World Order

The EU and Japan are about to adopt two (potentially) ground-breaking agreements: an EU-Japan free trade agreement and the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA). The SPA, policymakers in both Brussels and Tokyo cheer, will be the ‘big bang’ of bilateral relations upgrading political and security ties from too passive to very active. Read the complete summary and download the Asia Policy Brief here



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