Video: How digital solutions increase quality of life in communities

Digital solutions increase the quality of life in communities big and small. The series #digitaleOrte (DigitalTowns) – part of the blog from our Smart Country project – presents several digital initiatives taking place in Germany's cities and towns. What advantages do these digital solutions offer? What impact are they having in the communities? How does the public feel about the initiatives? This video was made during a trip we took to four DigitalTowns.

A mobility portal was created in the county of Hüttener Berge, since the communities there lack public transport in the evenings. In Hennef, volunteers put together a digital network that serves numerous nearby towns. In Fürstenberg/Havel, a former railway station was converted into an educational center to teach young people digital skills. And in Bad Hersfeld, the city and local residents are cooperating to collect data on traffic levels, which they can use to justify building a sound barrier. 

As the four examples show, communities can develop digital solutions in a range of areas that contribute meaningfully to the lives of the people living there.

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