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Jan Voth

Facts and figures: The Bertelsmann Stiftung in numbers

How much do we budget each year for our nonprofit work? How satisfied are our employees with their workplace? How many work part time? Here are some key numbers relating to the foundation.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung was founded in 1977 by Reinhard Mohn.

Since its inception, the foundation has invested approx. €1.7 Billion (as at December 2020)  in philanthropic projects.

We are currently carrying out approx. 60 not-for-profit projects.

In 2020, €42 million was spent directly on our projects.

We currently employ 363 people.

We have a gender ratio of 67% women to 33% men (244 female employees and 119 male employees).

The average age of our employees is 45.3 years (by age group: 19 people are 29 years old or younger; 83 are between 30 and 39; 125 are between 40 and 49; and 136 are 50 years old or older).

Of the 36.4% of our employees who work part time, 121 are women and 11 are men.

Of our 26 senior managers, 10 are women and 16 are men.

Over 87% of our staff took part in the last employee survey. Of those who did, 93% say they enjoy their work, and 91% would recommend the Bertelsmann Foundation as a good employer to people they know.