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BTI Transformation Insights

August 27, 2020

Analysis and research on governance, political regimes and economic policies from the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI).



Fragile Transition Hangs in the Balance

As the coronavirus pandemic extends its reach, Ethiopia has delayed a national ballot slated for August, fanning uncertainty and doubts about its tentative path to reform under Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Ali. What’s next for the country’s fragile transition? read more



A Changing of the Guards or A Change of Systems?

The reporting period from February 2017 to January 2019 saw significant, if not transformative developments in a number of states. In almost ... read more


Re-Watch Our "Change in Africa" Live Discussion

Nic Cheeseman, author of the BTI 2020 Africa Report, discussed with Chipo Dendere, Boniface Dulani and Isayat Hassan, what effect the rejuvenation of leadership has had on democratic governance across the African continent and what it takes to bring about real political change. The debate was moderated by Anthony Silberfeld and introduced by Robert Schwarz. read more


Changing Leaders Doesn’t Change Politics

Since 2017, a number of African states have seen significant, if not transformative developments. In almost all cases, positive trends were recorded in countries where leadership change generated hope for political renewal and economic reform. However, in few of these cases there was a change to the underlying character of the political system. Political power remains highly personalized. read more



Kenya’s Government Under Pressure: Lockdown Increases Hunger and Unrest

The Kenyan government reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic with lockdown and social distancing measures and is rigorously enforcing them. At the same time, these measures are aggravating the living conditions of millions of people. A hunger crisis is spreading. Social unrest and police violence are on the rise. Criminal gangs challenge the Kenyatta government from within the megacities Mombasa and Nairobi. read more


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Upcoming Elections in Myanmar

On 8 November, Myanmar is scheduled to elect a new government. Current leader Aung San Suu Kyi has already announced to run again. Who will challenge her? Which side will the military pick? And how are the prospects of a genuine transition of Myanmar toward genuine democracy and respect for human rights?


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