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Asia Update

October 2020

Asia-related activities of Bertelsmann Stiftung and insights into important developments in the region.



European AI with Indian Data: The Illusion of low-hanging Fruits

Europe is keen to unleash the potential of closer ties with India. Many hope that cooperation in the field of Artificial Inteligence (AI) and data driven businesses could lead the way. While no fast success is to be expected from a closer cooperation, the long-term prospects are promising, provided that several important obstacles are cleared first. This new study cautions about unrealistic expectations: If you’re looking for quick wins, look elsewhere.  Download and read the study here.


Literature Review

Cold War 2.0? Essential Readings on the New Systemic Conflict

We think (and worry) a lot about the new systemic conflict and its consequences for Germany and Europe – and so do many of our peers in politics, think-tanks, academia or media. Democratic states are increasingly challenged by assertive authoritarian powers. China has become an economically successful, technologically advanced autocracy and an ambitious global geopolitical actor who promotes its model as an alternative to liberal democracies and their values. To map the ongoing debate, we have compiled this literature review that points to contributions we consider essential. Read it here.



Geopolitical Ambitions in the Black Sea Region

It’s common knowledge that the Russian Federation annexed Crimea in a flagrant flouting of international law. Less widely known, however, is the manner in which Russia is going about consolidating its position in the Black and Caspian Sea region. Increasingly, this part of the immediate EU neighborhood is being transformed into a conflict zone. Our policy paper examines how Russia, Turkey, China and other powers in the region interact there and explores Europe’s opportunities for action. Read it here.


Twitter Review

Twitter Readings on Systemic Competition

Many interesting discussions on systemic competition happen on Twitter. Since most of us don't manage to read all the news, articles and research notes that come our way there, we have started an annotated weekly weekend reading list of our seven favourite tweets of the week. Follow us on Twitter to join the discussion.



Between the Pandemic and the Poll Booth: Myanmar’s 2020 Elections

The spiraling Covid-19 pandemic looms large over Myanmar’s upcoming general elections. Meanwhile, weakness in Myanmar’s social fabric, the conflict in Rakhine state, and shaky confidence in Myanmar’s electoral institutions all pose a big threat to democracy in the country. Read this Bertelsmann Transformation Index blogpost here.



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