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Bertelsmann Foundation North America

The North American arm of the Bertelsmann Stiftung operates as a think tank addressing the challenges related to transatlantic cooperation. Headquartered in Washington, DC, it is widely consulted when German and European viewpoints are needed to understand international issues and inform the public debate. Focus areas include the impacts of globalization on both sides of the Atlantic, such as the consequences of the recent financial crisis and the opportunities offered by a transatlantic free-trade agreement.

CHE Centre for Higher Education

The CHE Centre for Higher Education is dedicated to creating an effective and fair system of higher education. It releases studies and offers services such as the CHE Ranking while also developing application-oriented solutions. In addition, it supports institutions of higher education in developing more diverse profiles, taking advantage of their greater autonomy and becoming more socially responsible. In light of the ever-growing number of young people who now go on to university, CHE is particularly engaged in ensuring that higher education institutions can not only accommodate the larger cohorts of students it admits, but are successful in dealing with their growing diversity as well. CHE is a joint project of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Foundation for the Promotion of the German Rectors’ Conference.

Companies in the Community

Companies in the Community is a network that allows Germany’s SMEs to pool and increase awareness of their CSR activities so they can inspire others. Its focus areas include promoting sustainable business practices and regional development, as well as developing solutions to address the shortage of skilled workers. A registered association, it was founded in 2013 by recognized businesses committed to making a difference in both their home region and society at large.

Founders Foundation

Founders Foundation gGmbH is an initiative of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.  By organizing workshops and training, building networks and making workspace available, it supports next-generation entrepreneurs as they develop startups. The goal is to encourage people with innovative ideas to launch businesses in the region of eastern Westphalia–Lippe. The Founders Foundation was established in 2016.

Fundación Bertelsmann

Founded by Reinhard Mohn in 1995 and based in Barcelona, the Fundación Bertelsmann develops and carries out projects for promoting social change in Spain. As part of its efforts to improve the employment situation for the country’s young people, it currently supports the development of a twin-track work-study vocational training system and a career-guidance system that will make it easier for students to transition from school to work. Liz Mohn serves as the president of the foundation’s Board of Trustees, whose members include recognized political, business and social leaders.

German Stroke Foundation

Since being established by Liz Mohn in 1993, the German Stroke Foundation has been committed to preventing stroke and to alleviating the often severe health issues that can result from it. Its activities focus on helping patients and their families. Through its projects the foundation aims to improve prevention, emergency medical services, rehabilitation and follow-up care. Exemplary projects include the interdisciplinary care provided by case managers in Eastern Westphalia / Lippe, as well as Germany’s nationwide certification program for stroke units in medical centers and the promotion of self-help groups.

Liz Mohn Foundation for Culture and Music

The nonprofit Liz Mohn Foundation for Culture and Music was established by Liz Mohn in November 2005 in order to increase awareness of the importance of culture and music for individual self-development and for society at large. The foundation’s mission is to promote music education, culture and the arts. Its focus areas include music training and support for young opera talents, as well as increasing understanding among children and adolescents of different cultural backgrounds.


PHINEO is an independent, nonprofit, analytic and consulting corporation that makes effective civic engagement possible. Its mission is to promote a vibrant civil society in which doing good and achieving good go hand in hand. PHINEO supports nonprofit organizations in increasing the effectiveness and potential impact of their projects, transparency and financial structure. In addition, it assists foundations and companies in increasing the success of their social engagement activities. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is one of PHINEO’s principal shareholders.

Reinhard Mohn Institute

“We have to get more people thinking.” Reinhard Mohn’s principle serves as the intellectual foundation for the institute named for him at the University of Witten/Herdecke. Founded in 2010, the Reinhard Mohn Institute (RMI) examines issues relating to business management, develops recommendations for practical use in the business world and promotes innovative forms of instruction. RMI also considers the role business ethics and leadership psychology play in the business management and corporate governance skills set.

Reinhard Mohn Stiftung

The mission of the Reinhard Mohn Stiftung is to improve educational opportunities for young people in the region of East Westphalia/Lippe, regardless of their social or cultural background. The foundation’s work is based, in particular, on approaches adopted by school authorities in Toronto and Zurich. Both cities have been successful in reducing the impact a student’s background has on his or her academic achievement and in offering young people more equitable educational opportunities. The foundation is also committed to preserving the memory of Reinhard Mohn as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and citizen.