Bertelsmann Stiftung; Institute of Public Affairs (Hrsg.)

Lukarsz Wenerski

The thin line between leadership and mediocrity

Can Ukraine become a role model in fighting disinformation?

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After more than three years of debunking Kremlin “fake news”, Ukraine does not have a perfect track record in countering manipulation. Yet, the country has made enough progress to be treated by other Eastern Partnership countries as a possible example on how to approach the issue of fighting disinformation and developing strategic communication. Non-governmental actors in Ukraine have achieved a level of experience and excellency that would be interesting for any organization dealing with Kremlin propaganda, fact-checking or media literacy. However, these organizations would need more international publicity to raise their visibility.

Our author Łukasz Wenerski from the Warsaw-based Institute of Public Affairs argues to what extent other Eastern Partnership countries, if they intend to develop their own concept of strategic communication, might do well to consult their Ukrainian partner, taking still existing flaws in Ukrainian policy into account.