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Rainer Thiel, Lucas Deimel, Daniel Schmidtmann, Klaus Piesche, Tobias Hüsing, Jonas Rennoch, Veli Stroetmann, Karl Stroetmann (empirica)


International comparison of digital strategies

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Digital innovations in healthcare systems can significantly contribute to improving health care. Digital solutions can improve patient safety, improve the quality of treatment outcomes and increase the economic efficiency and sustainability of a healthcare system. But by international comparison, Germany is only insufficiently exploiting this potential for digitisation. Many other European and Western countries are much more advanced in the use and application of, for example, electronic health records, e-prescriptions or electronic doctor-patient communication. This progress is not only common for the Nordic countries to be reckoned with, but also for many health care systems in other EU countries, whose degree of digitisation is significantly higher than that of the German health care system.