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Active Aging in Economy and Society

Carl Bertelsmann Prize 2006

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  • ISBN 978-3-86793-241-7
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Germany currently finds itself amidst profound demographic change. The tasks of the future workplace will fall on the shoulders of a smaller and older potential workforce.

The 2006 Carl Bertelsmann Prize for Active Aging in Economy and Society is founded on the belief that combining growth and innovation with a high employment rate while preserving social cohesion can only succeed if we foster and utilize the employment potential of every individual. In view of demographic changes, we need to preserve the value-generating potential, skills and experience of older people in particular for our economy and society, and promote their (re)integration into the workplace. In light of high unemployment levels among seniors-and not just in Germany-keeping older people in the workforce longer will demand integrated efforts in various social sectors and on various social levels. This publication presents and discusses challenges, perspectives and strategies that could be very significant as elements of a comprehensive strategy for active aging in Germany.