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BTI Transformation Insights

29 February 2016

Analysis and research on good governance, democratic rule and sustainable economic policies from the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI).


BTI 2016 Launched Today

Rough Times for Democratic Change

Political and social tensions are growing. Democracy and models of social market economy are being challenged. The influence of religion on political institutions and legal systems is on the rise. read more



One Interactive Tool for All Our Data

The Transformation Atlas provides users easy access to all BTI data and analysis since 2004. The new Atlas is HTML-compatible and may be used on many more devices. open



Reports on 7 Regions and 129 Countries

We offer unrestricted access to seven regional reports and 129 in-depth country reports covering the state of transformation and governance from 2013 to 2015. open



The BTI in Three Minutes

A glance at three cases of democratic reform, socioeconomic development and successful political steering from the BTI perspective. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on anti-corruption policy in Liberia. Activist Budiman Sudjatmiko on democratic institutional reforms in Indonesia. Economist Renato G. Flôres Jr. on the rise of the middle class in Brazil. watch



PiS Demolishes Democratic Consensus

Few countries can boast a story of transformation success as Poland’s. Does the newly governing "Law and Justice" party in Warsaw pose a threat to the country’s democratic achievements? read more



Revolution in Bhutan's Private Sector?

Bhutan's policymakers struggle aligning private sector development with their philosophy of Gross National Happiness. How could the government foster entrepreneurship? read more



Towards a Putinization of Central Europe?

With the migrant crisis ongoing, Central Europe is increasingly inching towards populism and nationalism. The Russian President may well become a model for some. How can Europe avoid the rift? read more



Prime Minister Oli Faces Herculean Tasks

A new constitution, an embargo by India, deadly clashes between police and protesters and the recovery from two earthquakes in 2015: Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli took office in a turbulent situation. read more


BRICS in Crisis

South Africa and Brazil Haunted by Success

The emerging markets of Brazil and South Africa are starting to realize that their development agendas lack a long-term perspective. The new middle classes will bear the greatest costs of this failure. read more



“Discriminatory Policies Continue in Nepal”

We spoke with social entrepreneur Rabi Karmacharya about the stalled post-earthquake reconstruction effort and the political quagmire following the adoption of a much-criticized new constitution. read more


In Our next Newsletter

Migration and Transformation

Many governments and civil societies in developing and transition countries are confronted with the influx of larger numbers of displaced people. BTI experts and journalists investigate the political, economic and social challenges facing host countries such as Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa and Turkey.



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