Asia-related activities of Bertelsmann Stiftung and insights into important developments in the region.


China Viewed More as a Rival than a Partner

According to a new transatlantic survey by the German Marshall Fund and the Bertelsmann Foundation, China is viewed "more as a rival than a partner" by the majority in most countries surveyed. The report “Transatlantic Trends” includes the results of surveys conducted in 11 countries from both sides of the Atlantic. It provides a detailed picture of transatlantic public opinion on core and contemporary issues: the transatlantic relationship; international security and defense; trade, economic, and technology policies; relations with China; and global challenges. The chapter “Relations with China” shows, among other among other things, that the perception of China as a rival prevails particularly in Canada, the U.S., and western Europe. Read the full report here.


Cold War 2.0? Essential Readings on the New Systemic Conflict

EU-China relations are on a downward trajectory. The EP has put ratification of the investment agreement with China on hold until Beijing lifts its sanctions. At the same time, transatlantic cooperation on China is developing gradually. China was a big topic at the recent G7, NATO and US-EU summits. U.S. President Biden called on European leaders to confront Beijing more decisively, but some allies worry about Washington’s Cold War rhetoric. In U.S.-China relations competition is sharpening. A reassessment of existing policies is more likely than a major realignment. China continues to strive for supremacy in the Asia-Pacific region and to establish leadership in the international order. Read the complete literature review here.


Cheerful to Frosty

One of the issues on which the EU could continue to cooperate with China is global climate protection, because it is in Beijing's own interest. But at the same time, Europe must also take competition with China for markets, standards and green technologies seriously, argue Janka Oertel and Jennifer Tollmann in the current special issue of the magazine "Internationale Politik" (IP). You can read the article (in German) here.