Trying to Keep Pace with the U.S. And China

Europe's Tech Race

Being a leading tech innovator is vital to secure global influence in the future. But can Europe catch up with the U.S. and China? read more...


German businesses in China are socially engaged

Award Ceremony

The German and Chinese economies are now interconnected in ways that go far beyond production processes, supply chains and sales structures – something demonstrated by the growing number of social projects at this year’s More than a Market Awards.  read more...


Policy Recommendations

Prosperity for all? Germany needs a new inclusive economic policy

Last Sunday a new round of talks for forming a German government will commence. Regardless of which coalition ultimately governs, the focus must be on creating a forward-looking economic policy. If prosperity is to be shared by everyone, the country needs a sustainable, inclusive growth model. Our publication shows how this is can be achieved. read more...



Prof. Klaus Schwab receives Reinhard Mohn Prize

Today in Theatre Gütersloh Prof. Klaus Schwab was awarded the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Reinhard Mohn Prize 2016. The founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum in Geneva was honoured as a thought leader in the field of responsible entrepreneurship. The keynote address was given by World bank president Jim Yong Kim. read more...

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Award Ceremony

China has long been more than a market for German companies

China is Germany's most important economic partner in Asia. Exports to the People's Republic account for about 2 percent of Germany's gross domestic product. For many companies, however, China has long been more than just a market. German enterprises are getting involved and supporting Chinese society, and a number of them have now been recognized for their efforts. read more...



Professor Klaus Schwab is the Recipient of the 2016 Reinhard Mohn Prize

This year's Reinhard Mohn Prize will be awarded to Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. With the prize, the Bertelsmann Stiftung honors his commitment to promoting responsible entrepreneurship. Klaus Schwab will be awarded the prize worth €200,000 at a ceremony in Gütersloh on June 16. read more...



Companies take responsibility

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is using the 2016 Reinhard Mohn Prize to recognize a renowned entrepreneur for his or her life's work. How is responsible entrepreneurship defined today? An interview with Birgit Riess, expert for corporate responsibility at the Bertelsmann Stiftung. read more...

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Initiative and Award

China - More than a Market

The German Chamber of Commerce in China, Shanghai, together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung and supported by the German Consulate in Shanghai, have started the initiative "More than a Market". In 2016, the inaugural "More than a Market Awards" will be given out for exemplary social projects of German companies in China. read more...

FAN2039029.jpg Everyday Business

Trilogue Salzburg 2015

Leadership: The Key to Ensuring a Viable Future for Business and Government

International terrorism, the threat of a Grexit and the growing number of refugees – those are just three of the complex challenges facing policymakers, business leaders and civil society around the world. Today, the 2015 Trilogue Salzburg is taking a look at the kind of leaders that will be needed to respond effectively to these challenges. read more...


Trilogue Salzburg

Europe must focus on creating habitats for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and innovation are critical to sustainable growth and social development in Europe, especially in light of Europe's shrinking workforce. As a result, participants at the Bertelsmann Stiftung's 2014 Trilogue Salzburg developed recommendations for European stakeholders. read more...