Shaping Democracy

Democratic institutions are increasingly under pressure – globally, throughout Europe and within Germany. We are committed to helping achieve diverse democracies with high levels of transparency, citizen participation, balanced budgets and sustainable policymaking.

Europe’s Future

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In front of the Reichstag building in Berlin there is a sign pointing to a polling station.


The 2017 Bundestag Election: Election results reveal new line of conflict in Germany’s democracy

The social divide in voter turnout for an election of Germany’s federal parliament noticeably decreased. However, the election results simultaneously reveal a new line of conflict: between skeptics and supporters of modernization. read more

International Governance

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Kurdische Flagge


Kurdish Referendum causes Turbulences in the Middle East

With an overwhelming majority, the Kurds in northern Iraq have voted for state independence. The "yes" vote is highly symbolic, but not binding. Now the crucial issue is: in what form will the result play out politically? A commentary by our expert on the Middle East Christian Hanelt. read more

The newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron giving his victory speech on election night on May 7, 2017, in front of the Louvre in Paris.


Macron's first 100 days: Convincing, but problems are already in sight

Emmanuel Macron is off to a convincing start as French president. Yet a crucial test awaits Macron at summer's end. read more

View from a mountain on the Tunisian peninsula Cap Bon on parts of the peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea which surrounds it.


Our sea, our problems, our solutions

The consequences of the crises and conflicts among Europe's southern neighbours are being clearly felt here too. It is time for the EU to revive its Mediterranean policy, argues our Middle East expert Christian Hanelt. read more