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To overcome to the new challenges it faces, Germany’s healthcare system needs stable funding, individuals capable of making informed choices and services that meet actual needs. We carry out projects designed to achieve those goals.

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Patients value "Dr. Google's" versatility

Preparing for a visit to the doctor, comparing different therapies or engaging in online discussion – many people seek advice from "Dr. Google". More than one half of patients are satisfied with the health information they find online. But are physicians and patients making good use of the internet's potential? read more


"The system needs to focus more on the people who use it"

Informed patients, treatment that reflects actual needs, stable financing – in the interview health expert Uwe Schwenk explains why Germany's healthcare system has to focus more on the people who use it. read more


SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: Health Information

“Dr. Google” is more popular than ever. The Bertelsmann Stiftung has analyzed how patients obtain information online about health problems ... read more


SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: Hospital Quality from the Patient Perspective

Most patients in hospitals have only one wish – to enjoy good health care. Germany’s federal states oversee hospital planning in order to ... read more


SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: Physician ratings

Public reporting can clearly help improve patient care. But what exactly does this mean in terms of the outpatient sector? What role do other ... read more


SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: Electronic health records

It’s time the German health care system introduced electronic health records. Experts have long agreed on the need for this, and now German ... read more