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Mongolia: The Hidden Welfare Champion?

The World Social Forum will convene in Montreal from August 9-14. On occasion of the world’s largest civil society gathering, we look at an unknown star of social policy: Mongolia. Capitalizing on its mineral wealth, the country has set out to become a leading welfare state amongst emerging and developing countries. read more...

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Welfare state profits from migration

Foreign-born individuals currently living in Germany ensured a net fiscal surplus of € 22 billion in 2012. With more investments in education and a stronger focus on skilled migrants Germany could continuously profit from migration.

Older workers

Reducing barriers to participation in the workforce

The implications of demographic change mean that more and more older people are working longer. Reforms in Germany such as the pension at 67 policy are facilitating this trend. How can the employability of older workers be maintained so as to ensure their inclusion in the workforce? read more...

Pension system

Future-proofing the pension system

Despite past reforms, the consequences of demographic change are placing further pressure on the pension-insurance system. How can the pension system’s future sustainability be ensured, and old-age poverty be prevented? read more...

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Economic Dynamics and Employment

A dynamic labor market and high levels of employment are prerequisites for widespread social inclusion and sustainable growth. We are therefore addressing the challenges faced by the German and European labor markets, showing ways in which labor-market participation opportunities can be improved. read more...