Advancing Societies

Everyone must take responsibility if society is to thrive. We promote inclusion, solidarity and diversity, while helping civil society, the private sector and government work together across traditional lines.

Intergenerational Justice

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Ein junger Mann lehnt an einem Fensterbrett und schaut nachdenklich aus dem Fenster.


Long-term unemployment is becoming a structural problem for the EU

Who is affected by long-term unemployment in the EU, what are the reasons and how can we fight this big problem? Our study gives an input. read more

Ein kleiner junge sitzt auf einer Holzbank und starrt auf eine rußschwarze Steinwand eines heruntergekommenen Hauses. Das Kind dreht dem Fotografen den Rücken zu.


European economic and debt crisis: Children and young people are hardest hit

An alarming number: In the EU, some 26 million children and young people are threatened by poverty or social exclusion, our Europe wide study shows. read more

Integration and Diversity

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Podiumsdiskussion der Bertelsmann Stiftung auf der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz. V.l.n.r.: William Swing, Generaldirektor der International Organization for Migration, Alaa Murabit, Gründerin der NGO „Stimme der libyschen Frauen“, Johannes Hahn, EU


Urgent need to tackle root causes for flight and migration

Why are more and more people leaving their native countries? And what can we do to fight the causes of escape? In this context we launched a new publication and debated with EU and Middle East experts on February 17 at the Munich Security Conference. read more

In a factory, a white engineer explains to a black apprentice how to user a specific machine.


Integrating refugees into the labor market: No cure-all in sight

There are many different tools being used in Europe in order to help refugees find jobs. None, however, has been a surefire approach so far. read more

Demographic Change

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Eine ältere Dame und ihre Pflegerin, die ausländische Wurzeln hat, blicken in die Kamera.


Welfare state profits from migration

Foreign-born individuals currently living in Germany ensured a net fiscal surplus of € 22 billion in 2012. With more investments in education and a stronger focus on skilled migrants Germany could continuously profit from migration. read more

[Translate to English:] Das Parlamentsgebäude in Ulan Bator, Mongolei

BTI summer series

Mongolia: The Hidden Welfare Champion?

On occasion of the world's largest civil society gathering in August 2016, we look at an unknown star of social policy: Mongolia. read more