Innovation in India: Germany still slow to take advantage of full potential

Research and development in India is rapidly improving. Yet only a few German businesses are investing millions in innovation centers. Skilled labor from India could help Germany resolve its skilled labor shortage.

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Wake-up call after Brexit: The euro needs reforms

The euro is not equipped for future crises. This is the result of the report by an international expert group. The group proposes a three-step plan to reform the European Economic and Monetary Union. read more

Eine Weltkarte, die jemand mit Zeichnungen und handschriftlichen Ergänzungen versehen hat.


The globalization engine loses momentum

The international community has become less interconnected. The Globalization Report shows how this has affected the per-capita incomes. read more



Asylum systems under pressure: Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden

In three studies we analyse how Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden managed the refugee situation in 2015. read more


Sustainable Development Goals - Launch of the SDG Index in New York

World leaders are gathering in New York for the General Assembly at the United Nations in September 2016 – one year after committing to the historic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Index by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the SDSN measures progress towards the goals and shows best practices across countries. read more