Globalisation fears weigh heavily on European voters

Protest voters and populist politicians are shaking up the long-established political majorities in Europe and the USA. But what prompts voters to back parties who claim that they alone represent the interests of the people and are challenging the so-called establishment? A representative EU opinion poll attempts to uncover the reasons.

António Guterres sitzt beim Vision Europe Summit in einem Sessel auf dem Podium und spricht, neben ihm ist das Logo von Vision Europe groß auf einer Videowand zu sehen.

Vision Europe Summit

António Guterres: Countries must regulate migration better

The objective of this year's Vision Europe Summit in Lisbon was to find better answers to the refugee crisis for Europe as a whole. The event's keynote speaker, UN Secretary-General-designate António Guterres, called on countries to do their part – and announced his own political initiatives. read more

EU-Flaggen wehen vor dem Gebäude der EU-Kommission in Brüssel, unter einem strahlend blauen Himmel.


Brexit boosts EU survey results

Since the British decision to leave the EU, the Union's popularity is rising again – even in Britain itself. read more

The dome of the Capitol building in Washington, DC below a blue evening sky. In the United States, the color blue is associated with the Democratic Party.


Democrats on Defense: How to Derail the Republican Agenda

Anthony Silberfeld explains why it could be difficult for Donald Trump to push his agenda through, despite majorities in both chambers of Congress. read more

NEUE STIMMEN Master Class 2016

Online or offline – Come visit us at our Open Master Classes

We’ve invited thirteen young opera talents to Gütersloh for a week (Oct. 22-29), where they will work on their vocal performance and careers with international opera experts and artists. New this year: you can experience it all live! read more