Lack of reforms for education and migration in the EU member states

In different areas the EU member states need reforms - especially in the fields of education and migration. That shows our Europe-wide survey under national experts.

Dutzende Menschen, vermutlich Flüchtlinge, laufen in einer breiten Reihe auf einem grasbewachsenen Hügel entlang.


Displacement's vicious circle: combating the causes, offering practical help

They leave their families behind and set forth on what are often life-threatening journeys towards an uncertain future: Why are more and more people from Africa, Asia and Southeastern Europe leaving their native countries? It's an issue we researched together with international experts. The goal was to develop ideas for combating the underlying causes of displacement and assisting people in Europe. read more

Podiumsdiskussion der Bertelsmann Stiftung auf der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz. V.l.n.r.: William Swing, Generaldirektor der International Organization for Migration, Alaa Murabit, Gründerin der NGO „Stimme der libyschen Frauen“, Johannes Hahn, EU


Urgent need to tackle root causes for flight

Why are more and more people leaving their native countries? And what can we do to fight the causes of escape? In this context we launched a new publication and debated with EU and Middle East experts on 17 February at the Munich Security Conference. read more

Indischer Hirte mit Smartphone

Asia Policy Brief

Can Modi make the elephant dance?

Narendra Modi's commendable plan to transform India's welfare system through radical market-driven reforms is challenged by infrastructure bottlenecks and the realities of the rural area, our new Asia Policy Brief shows. read more


NEUE STIMMEN 2016 - The Master Class

Accompany the participants and coaches of the eleventh Master Class of our NEUE STIMMEN. read more