An Ukrainian flag is blowing in the wind.


War in Ukraine: Will the country's young people stay or go?

Plagued by armed conflict and economic crisis, Ukraine has somewhat faded from public view in light of the refugee situation and the terror being perpetrated by the Islamic State. What is currently happening in Ukraine? How has it been affected by the emigration of many of its citizens? And what are the possibilities for managing the migrant outflows?

A man and a woman can be seen in an office, looking at a paper in a workbook.


Recognizing non-formal and informal competences

European countries need a binding validation system for non-formally or informally acquired competences to establish equal opportunity on the employment market and utilize the potential of refugees. Seven European countries have demonstrated how such systems can be designed. read more

Eine türkische Fahne weht im Wind.


Refugee Situation: EU must speak to Ankara using one voice

With an analysis about Turkey we start our new series "Facts on the European Dimension of Displacement and Asylum". read more

Asia Policy Brief

Modi's Reform Agenda: Change You Can Believe In?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered office with a historic political mandate. The latest Asia Policy Brief analyzes the reform agenda of the Modi government. read more


Vision Europe Summit 2015

Der Film gibt einen Überblick über die Ziele und die innovative Zusammenarbeit der Partner im Vision Europe Summit. Zudem zeigt er Impressionen und Stimmen von der ersten Vision Europe Summit Konferenz in Berlin.

The video summarizes the aims and the innovative cooperation of the Vision Europe Summit consortium. It shows impressions from the first Vision Europe Summit conference in Berlin. read more