Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone!
We are committed to ensuring that every young adult is given access to vocational training. Vocational training is the key to gainful employment and societal participation.
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Vocational Training Faces New Challenges

We are developing the solutions to pressing questions on the topic of vocational training in Germany. It is our goal to give every young person access to vocational training, to lower the number of vacant vocational training positions and to increase the permeability between vocational and academic training.



Apprenticeship training in England – a cost-effective model for firms?

In England, the topic of apprenticeships is a major issue in education policy. To address the challenges around apprenticeships and ensure that policymaking is evidence-based, the global apprenticeship expert Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Wolter explores alternative delivery models for apprenticeships in England. The report Apprenticeship training in England – a cost-effective model for firms? analyses what the benefit would be if a Swiss-style apprenticeship model were to be adopted by companies in England. read more

Youth Unemployment in Europe


The unemployment rate for young people between 16 and 24 in the European Union is 21.6 %.

(Source: Eurostat)

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Chance Ausbildung Initiative

What needs to be done to ensure that every young adult has access to vocational training? Together with the Federal Ministries, the Federal Labor Office and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Chance Ausbildung initiative is finding the answers. Questions central to this joint effort include how existing vocational training placements’ potential can be better tapped into, how the number of placements can be increased, and how trainees from different backgrounds can be given more individual support as they aim to gain a vocational qualification.  read more

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Leading Each and Every Trainee to Success

There is no other qualification program where the diversity of learners is so great. How can trainees be given the individual support they need as they aim to gain a vocational qualification? read more

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Training Opportunities

An Opportunity for Everyone

Vocational training opportunities are unevenly spread across regions, and many placements cannot be filled. The Chance Ausbildung initiative develops proposals to help improve this situation for both young adults and companies. read more

Project Topics

More Topics


Blending Vocational and Academic Training

We are committed to making the transition between vocational and academic training easier, and we aim to test models that combine both. read more


Leveraging Dual Education in Other Countries

Dual education is an internationally sought-after training model. Countries with high numbers of youth unemployment plan to implement more practice-oriented vocational training systems. The dual education system is one example. However, what elements of the system are even realistically transferable? read more


Integration and Immigration Within the Vocational Education System

Young adults with a migrant background and the same qualifications have fewer opportunities on the vocational training market. They often end up in transitory educational programs where they do not have the opportunity to complete their education. This ends up being a one-way street for many of these young adults, and this has to change. weiterlesen

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Access to vocational training for young people with disabilities

Inclusion within the general education system in Germany has made progress in the last couple of years. But what about vocational training? For young people with disabilities it is particularly difficult to find an in-Company  position in the dual vocational training system. read more


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Apprenticeship training in England – a cost-effective model for firms?

What are the cost and benefits of dual apprenticeship training for companies in England? read more


Apprenticeship training in Spain - a cost-effective model for firms?

What are the costs and benefits of dual apprenticeship training for companies in Spain? read more


Vocational Education and Training Reform in India

Business Needs in India and Lessons to be Learned from Germany read more


Germany´s dual vocational training system

Examination of the dual system in 11 elements. How can individual system elements be transferred? read more


Aus- und Weiterbildung

Auf dem Blog Aus- und Weiterbildung veröffentlichen wir in regelmäßigen Abständen Artikel rund um das Thema Berufsausbildung. read more