The Religion Monitor provides a better understanding of how we can find a way for people of different cultural and religious backgrounds to live together in harmony.
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Understanding common ground

Religion Monitor

Religious diversity is part of today’s world. In Germany, for example, adherents of different faiths live together with many people who do not belong to a religious denomination at all. Religion is a key factor determining how people think and act, and therefore a major social force. Consequently, one of the main challenges the world faces today is finding a way for people of different cultural and religious backgrounds to coexist in harmony within any given society. Moreover, if we want to live together in freedom and diversity in the future, we must gain a better understanding of religion and its significance for social change.


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Living in Cultural Diversity

As a result of immigration, people with different cultures and traditions and greater religious diversity are now living together. How can coexistence in cultural diversity be achieved? This summary of the special analysis of our 2017 Religion Monitor explores this question and examines the views of the German population. read more


Results and Country Profiles: Muslims in Europe

The Muslim population in Western Europe has been growing since the 1960s. In most countries, Muslims now make up more than five percent of the ... read more


Special study of Islam

Muslims in Germany feel closely connected to the German state and society – no matter how intense their religious faith may be. Living as members ... read more

Menschenreihe im Sonnenschein

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018

Living Diversity – Shaping Society

Cultural diversity has long since become the norm in Germany. It offers opportunities, but also challenges. If people are to live together successfully in diversity, they must proactively shape it. Read more on the topic of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018. read more

Young people of different origin, blogging


Germany is culturally diverse. Different religions, languages, values and traditions are an integral part of our country.  But how is diversity lived in everyday life? In this blog we report on our project work. read more

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