Economic Dynamics and Employment
We propose ways of creating new employment opportunities in Germany and Europe and of building inclusive labour markets and sustainable pension systems.
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Economic Dynamics and Employment

A dynamic labor market and high levels of employment are prerequisites for widespread social inclusion and sustainable growth. We are therefore addressing the challenges faced by the German and European labor markets, showing ways in which labor-market participation opportunities can be improved.

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Overcoming challenges in the labor market

Technological change offers both opportunities and risks. Where are tomorrow’s jobs being created? And how is the working world changing?

Pension system

Future-proofing the pension system

The consequences of demographic change are placing the pension system under pressure. How can we ensure pensions remain secure in the future? weiterlesen

EU labor mobility

Completing the common European labor market

Migration within the EU remains modest, despite high unemployment rates in southern Europe. What are the hurdles to mobility? read more

Older workers

Reducing barriers to participation in the workforce

Older workers are often considered to be inflexible and less productive. But working into older age doesn’t have to be a problem. read more

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Policy Brief

Future Social Market Economy

The policy Brief is a series of critical position papers on current topics and events revolving around questions of the Social Market economic model in Germany, Europe and the world. Approximately 6-8 publications are released annually in irregular intervals. The language of the publication depends on the context (either German or English). read more