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Interview With Dr. Brigitte Mohn

In the Realm of the Robots—Dr. Brigitte Mohn Pays a Visit to the DASA Exhibition

How do intelligent systems influence our lives? How will our work change as a result of the new technologies? How will we work in the future? read more

Prizewinners Concert NEUE STIMMEN 2015

Prizewinners and participants in the NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition took their audience on a musical “winter's journey” on March 5 in Berlin. read more


Interview with Aart De Geus on the occasion of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue 2015

Bertelsmann Stiftung Chairman and CEO Aart De Geus talks about the 2015 edition of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue. Under the theme "A New Departure For The EU" the ten think tank partners have identified three challenges and opportunities that the EU’s new leadership should address in order to foster stability, economic growth and employment: energy security, labour mobility and migration. read more

Promotion video (in German)

Competence cards for potential analysis in immigration counseling for adult immigrants

We show you the application of the competence cards and how they can simplify immigration counselling through the determination of transferable skills. read more

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European Neighbourhood Conference 2015

At the Bertelsmann Stiftung's European Neighbourhood Conference, German President Joachim Gauck praised host country Tunisia. read more


Conference "Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy"

Experts from politics, administration and civil society discussed the challenges and future direction of European neighbourhood policy at a conference organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung. read more