The labor market will need more immigration from non-EU countries in the future

Germany's population is shrinking and aging. Thousands of new workers will soon be needed. Yet immigration from the EU alone will not be enough to close the gaps in the long term. Stronger immigration from third countries is necessary.

A white woman and a black man read in a book.


Does Germany welcome immigrants?

Every year, more immigrants arrive in Germany than in any other European country. Thousands come in the hope of finding work and a better life. Yet newcomers only remain if they feel comfortable. How do Germans currently feel about immigrants? Our survey provides some answers. read more

Ein fahrendes Containerschiff zieht eine Schneise durchs Wasser, in der Geldscheine und Münzen zu sehen sind.


The wage inequality becomes wider by the departure from collective agreements

The departure from collective agreements is the main reason, why the wage distribution in Germany has become increasingly unequal since the mid-1990s. read more

All television screens in an electronics store in Russia show an interview with President Vladimir Putin. A female employee cleans one of the television sets.

Discussion round

There is only one truth

In Berlin international journalists discussed why there are differing perceptions of the Ukraine conflict in Europe. read more


Interview with Aart De Geus on the occasion of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue 2015

Bertelsmann Stiftung Chairman and CEO Aart De Geus talks about the 2015 edition of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue. Under the theme "A New Departure For The EU" the ten think tank partners have identified three challenges and opportunities that the EU’s new leadership should address in order to foster stability, economic growth and employment: energy security, labour mobility and migration. read more