Germany's current account surplus: A transatlantic view on the debate

President Donald Trump, who has long characterized the U.S.-Germany economic relationship as unfair, has now called on his counterparts to take concrete steps toward reducing economic imbalances. In times of increasing political pressure, we take a closer look at Germany's current account surplus.

[Translate to English:] Eine Person hält einen alten Globus an die Hüfte gelehnt.


Poor Implementation: Rich countries risk achievement of the global goals

Three years after the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all UN member states, the global community already risks to fall short on achieving the global goals. Though many countries are progressing, it is especially the rich countries of the G20, which need to strengthen their efforts, as a lack of national implementation mechanisms and negative spillover effects threaten the global achievement. read more

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, the final venue of the 2018 Soccer World Cup, at night. The stadium's roof is illuminated in the colors of the Russian flag.


The Sporty Way to Spur Nationalism – Soccer World Cup as a Political Tool

Politics will play a big role during the Soccer World Cup starting this week in Russia. The event is prestigious for the country and rekindles the Russian nationalism. read more

A container ship at sea, photographed from the air


Industrialized Countries are the Winners of Globalization

According to our Globalization Report the winners of globalization are often at home where the criticism of globalization is loudest: in the industrialized countries. read more


The Bertelsmann Stiftung - Inspiring people. Shaping the future.

Since its founding in 1977, the Bertelsmann Stiftung's mission has been to identify social trends and problems in order to develop sustainable solutions. read more