iStock_000053115256_XXXL_MPL.jpg Coverfoto Deutschland und Israel heute


Germans take skeptical view of Israel

Since the start of diplomatic relations fifty years ago, Israel and Germany have displayed an extraordinary commitment to the path of rapprochement. However, Germans are significantly more critical of Israel than vice versa, and the younger generation in both countries displays a tendency towards estrangement.

Nicole Car singing in the final concert of NEUE STIMMEN 2013.

Singing Competition

NEUE STIMMEN 2015: Application process begins for young opera talents

Up-and-coming opera singers from around the world have until March 31, 2015, to apply for the international singing competition. read more

A man prays in a mosque, kneeling on a carpet.

Religion Monitor

Muslims in Germany have close ties to society and state

The attitudes and lifestyles of Muslims living in Germany very much reflect the social values prevalent in the Federal Republic. Nevertheless Germans are becoming increasingly averse to Islam. read more

Portrait Rita Süssmuth


Rita Süssmuth receives Reinhard Mohn Prize

The recipient of this year's Reinhard Mohn Prize is former Bundestag President Rita Süssmuth in honor for her pioneering efforts to create a contemporary immigration and integration policy. Süssmuth will receive the €200,000 prize at a ceremony to be held in Gütersloh on June 11. read more


Interview with Aart De Geus on the occasion of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue 2015

Bertelsmann Stiftung Chairman and CEO Aart De Geus talks about the 2015 edition of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue. Under the theme "A New Departure For The EU" the ten think tank partners have identified three challenges and opportunities that the EU’s new leadership should address in order to foster stability, economic growth and employment: energy security, labour mobility and migration. read more