Brexit/Trump: Wake-up Calls for a More Active EU?

On March 29 British Prime Minister Theresa May officially announces the United Kingdom's exit from the EU - nine months after a majority of the UK voted for "Brexit". How should the EU conduct its negotiations? Do Brexit and the new U.S. president signify the end of international cooperation as we know it? Statements by our Chairman and CEO Aart De Geus.



60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome: What now for the EU?

On March 25 Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the "Treaties of Rome". The agreement is a cornerstone for the European Union as we know it today. On this occasion we have asked experts from the six founding countries to give their view on the EU, its biggest challenges and accomplishments.

Sieben junge Frauen und Männer stehen auf einem Platz vor einem Gebäude in Malta und halten eine Europafahne in den Händen. Zwei von ihnen halten außerdem Luftballons in Herzform.


Majority of young people in Central and Eastern Europe strongly backs the EU

Financial and economic crisis, threatening "Grexit", refugee question, "Brexit" - and anti-European and nationalistic sounds from different parts of Europe: Actually the EU is the subject of relentless criticism. But a majority of the young people in Central and Eastern Europe backs it and appreciates it as a guarantor for peace. read more

Dutzende Menschen, vermutlich Flüchtlinge, laufen in einer breiten Reihe auf einem grasbewachsenen Hügel entlang.


Displacement's vicious circle: combating the causes, offering practical help

Why do more and more people flee from their native countries? What can we do against the reasons of escape and how can we help refugees in Europe? Our book with international authors tries to find answers. read more

40 years anniversary logo


40 Years of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

For 40 years, we have been committed to helping everyone be part of society. Our anniversary year is dedicated to "Inspiring people. Shaping the future." with numerous events and activities that will highlight the work the foundation does to assist individuals and society at large.  read more


NEUE STIMMEN 2016 - The Master Class

Accompany the participants and coaches of the eleventh Master Class of our NEUE STIMMEN. read more