Inside Washington: Views on Trump and Transatlantic Relations

The US Presidential election campaign revealed few details about the direction of America's transatlantic policy under a Trump administration. In the absence of clear policy direction, we asked a bi-partisan group of politicians and experts in Washington, DC to give us a preview of what to expect from the 45th President.

Trump, Merkel. Picture of Syria


Trump, Merkel and the Middle East: Cooperation needed

War in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, the fight against terrorism, social protests and the refugee question: Europe and the USA face multiple challenges in the wider Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), which is arguably the most crisis-ridden in the world. What next with new US-President Trump? read more

Portait photo of Aart De Geus, chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Stiftung


Brexit/Trump: Wake-up Calls For More Active EU

Bertelsmann Stiftung's chairman and CEO Aart De Geus gives an assessment on how Europe should meet its current challenges. read more

Ein Geschäftsmann tippt mit dem Finger auf einen Touchscreen, auf dem Symbole für verschiedene Wirtschaftszweige und die Flaggen der EU, Deutschlands, Chinas, Thailands, Malaysias, Vietnams, der Philipinnen, Indonesiens, Taiwans und Indiens zu sehen sin


Europe's companies consider themselves disadvantaged compared to Asia

For Europe's entrepreneurs the competition with newly industrialized Asian countries is more and more unbalanced, our new study shows. read more


NEUE STIMMEN 2016 - The Master Class

Accompany the participants and coaches of the eleventh Master Class of our NEUE STIMMEN. read more