People want a Safety Net for Globalization and Trade

Since Donald Trump became US President, the commitment to free trade is no longer self-evident. In many countries it made way for a protectionist reflex, not only in the US. But are the citizens buying this new narrative? Our international survey analyses what people actually think about globalization, trade and protectionism.

A close-up shows how a person, of whom only the hand can be seen, writes on a sign-up sheet.

Democracy Study

The European Citizens' Initiative is largely unknown and hardly has any impact

One million EU citizens can use their signature to ask the European Commission to draft a legislative proposal. But, as our study demonstrates, the media prefer to report on the EU's democracy deficit much more than on this participation instrument, the European Citizens' Initiative. As the Commission has acknowledged itself, the citizens' initiative is overly complicated. read more

A large group of people with flags in their hands demonstrate in front of a historic building. In the foreground, one can see a European and a Polish flag tied together.


Poland's disoriented EU policy

Poland's declining democratic credentials have sparked a growing distance with the rest of the EU. And there is scant sign that bridges will be built any time soon. read more

Destroyed street in Homs, Syria

Brief Overview

Seven Years of Syrian Civil War

The conflict began with social and political protests, escalated into a civil war and developed into a proxy war of various actors. read more


40 Years of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

Since its founding in 1977, the Bertelsmann Stiftung's mission has been to identify social trends and problems in order to develop sustainable solutions. read more