Bertelsmann Stiftung, Salzburg Trilogue 2015, MOZARTEUM Salzburg ,07.08.2015

Trilogue Salzburg 2015

The quality of leaders will determine the future viability of business and government

International terrorism, the threat of a Grexit and the growing number of refugees are just some of the challenges that policymakers, the business community and civil society face worldwide. At the Bertelsmann Stiftung's 14th Trilogue Salzburg it was discussed what kinds of leaders will be needed to face these challenges.

Spotlight Europe

Money or Democracy? Greece and the Euro Dilemma

"Grexit", Greece's exit from the Euro, has been averted this summer. However, the Eurozone has paid a high price for the agreement. read more

Ausschnitt einer Weltkarte, der einen Teil des Nahen Ostens mit Fokus auf Iran und Saudi-Arabien zeigt.

Spotlight Europe

After the nuclear deal: Work for peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia

The nuclear deal between the West and Iran could mark the beginning of more peaceful times for the region. read more

Diverse Landesflaggen sind nebeneinander aufgereiht

SGI 2015

How fit for the future are the OECD and the EU countries?

According to the "Sustainable Governance Indicators 2015" many OECD and EU states are recovering from the crisis, but the situation in other countries remains critical. read more


Rita Süssmuth - Winner of the 2015 Reinhard Mohn Prize

Video portrait for the award ceremony of the 2015 Reinhard Mohn Prize "A Fair Deal on Talent - Fostering Just Migration Governance" to Rita Süssmuth on June 11, 2015 in Gütersloh, Germany. read more