Industrialized nations risk missing new UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals have led to tangible progress in many developing countries. The UN's global Sustainable Development Goals will also require industrialized countries to implement these standards for the first time, beginning in 2016. But most of them are a long way from serving as role models for sustainable development.

Collage von Portraits der Endrundenteilnehmer der NEUEN STIMMEN 2015.


Singers from 30 countries chosen for final round of NEUE STIMMEN 2015

From Beijing and Sydney to Rome, New York, Buenos Aires and Cape Town: After three months of preliminary auditions on 6 continents and in 26 cities the participants of the NEUEN STIMMEN 2015 are selected. 46 young Opera talents have qualified for the final round, which starts at October 17 in Gütersloh.  read more

Trilogue Salzburg 2015

The quality of leaders will determine the future viability of business and government

At the Bertelsmann Stiftung's 14th Trilogue Salzburg it was discussed what kinds of leaders will be needed to face the current global challenges. read more

Spotlight Europe

Money or Democracy? Greece and the Euro Dilemma

"Grexit", Greece's exit from the Euro, has been averted this summer. However, the Eurozone has paid a high price for the agreement. read more


Rita Süssmuth - Winner of the 2015 Reinhard Mohn Prize

Video portrait for the award ceremony of the 2015 Reinhard Mohn Prize "A Fair Deal on Talent - Fostering Just Migration Governance" to Rita Süssmuth on June 11, 2015 in Gütersloh, Germany. read more