View at the earth from outer space.


Countries need to act urgently to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

One year after the largest UN Summit in history adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our Index and Dashboard show that all countries face major challenges in achieving these ambitious goals by 2030. No country has achieved the SDGs and even top Sweden scores "red" on several goals.

Blick auf eine Karte des afrikanischen Kontinents. Darauf liegt eine Lupe, die die Karte des Südsudan vergrößert.

BTI summer series

The World's Youngest State Plunges into Renewed Violence

The terrorist attack in Nice and events in Turkey have pushed developments in South Sudan out of Western media headlines. Yet five years after independence, the situation in the East African state remains tense. The most recent outbreaks of violence have driven more than 10,000 South Sudanese to flee their homes. read more


Zahlreiche Geschäftsleute laufen in der Londoner City, dem Finanzdistrikt der britischen Hauptstadt, über eine Brücke.


Brexit: What happens now? An overview

Which impact will Britain's departure from the European Union have? Here is an overview of what we found. read more

Blick auf die christliche St. Georgs-Kathedrale und die danebenliegende Mohammed-al-Amin-Moschee in Beirut, Libanon.


Lebanon: A glimmer of hope?

More than 1.5 Million refugees are now living in Lebanon - in addition to 4.5 Million Lebanese people. What does that mean for the country? read more


Aart De Geus on the result of the British EU referendum

The British people have decided to leave the European Union. Our chairman and CEO Aart De Geus comments on the result. read more