An older woman is talking with two young men during a German lesson for immigrants.


Lengthy asylum procedures make it more difficult for refugees in Germany to find work

Millions of people around the globe are now refugees. Many make their way to Germany looking for a safe place to live and work. Yet a new study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that the backlog of asylum cases is greater in Germany than in any other EU member state, a situation that makes it much more difficult for refugees to find jobs.

US-Präsident Barack Obama und Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel spazieren über das Gelände des Feriensitzes des Präsidenten, Camp David, unterhalten sich und lächeln.


Germany and the United States: Reliable Allies

Despite different views on particular issues, Germans and Americans trust each other, as a new survey shows. read more

Großbritannien auf der auf einem 20-Euro-Schein aufgedruckten Europakarte, daneben eine 1-Euro-Münze.


BREXIT could be expensive – especially for the United Kingdom…

Exiting the EU could cost the United Kingdom more than €300 billion. This is the conclusion reached by a new study. read more

Soldaten der thailändischen Armee stehen in Formation.

Asia Policy Brief

The Coup One Year on: Thailand's "Ugly German" Constitution

One year after the military seized power once again, Germans still tend to think of Thailand as a tropical dream destination. In reality, it has become a dictatorship. read more

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2015: Shaping a fair migration!

The global competition for skilled employees is on its way. Alongside the migration of people offers possibilities for countries of origin, countries of immigration and immigrants - if migration is shaped in a fair way. The movie deals with the chances and challenges of migration. read more