Career and development opportunities in the Bertelsmann Stiftung

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Solving socio-political challenges requires courage and smarts. Convince us you have both.

Career opportunities



Drawing on experience to gain new experience

Having completed your university studies with distinction and having several years of professional life behind you, you already have considerable experience – which you can draw on to carry out interesting new projects. That, in turn, allows you to gain even more rewarding experience. Mehr


Junior Professionals

Career and development opportunities

Are you eager to participate in social, economic and political aspects of society? Join us in producing worthwhile new ideas and putting them into practice. read more


Learn how things are done in practice!

Still completing your studies? Looking for more than just book learning? Done well in your last semester or just completed your bachelor’s degree with distinction? Want to experience something new and see the big picture from a different perspective? read more

About us

A woman from behind, we are watching over here shoulde,r while she is reading the annual report

Facts and figures

The Bertelsmann Stiftung in numbers

How much do we budget each year for our nonprofit work? How satisfied are our employees with their workplace? How many work part time? Here are some key numbers relating to the foundation. read more

What motivates us

Our Founder's Beliefs

In light of his success in the world of business, Reinhard Mohn felt an obligation to give back to society. He wanted to encourage people to get involved in issues they deemed important. He also wanted to help create a society capable of offering everyone a chance to succeed.  read more

The Bertelsmann Stiftung in numbers


In 2017, the Bertelsmann Foundation invested 55 million € in direct project work.



Your online application

Tips for a successful application

This is where you’ll find our Personal Career Planner. You can either apply for a position we are currently looking to fill or send us your details so we can consider you for future vacancies.  read more


Frequently asked questions

Are interns at the Bertelsmann Stiftung paid? Where would I be working? How far in advance should I apply? This is where you’ll find answers to those questions and others. read more

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