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Healthcare system

An attending physician, a mother and her little daughter in a medical practice.

Health is a precious commodity. Health maintenance, disease prevention and effective treatment, moreover, are hugely important to both individuals and society at large. Changing demographics and medical advances represent urgent new challenges to the healthcare system. The goal of our projects is to learn from the experiences gained in other countries and to include the needs, expectations and expertise of both the public and medical practitioners in Germany in order to generate long-term solutions for the nation's healthcare system.

Focus areas

Healthcare Monitor

Reforms in the healthcare sector must reflect the needs of the members of Germany’s health insurance funds, since they are the ones who both fund and use the system. Prevention can only be successfully anchored in the healthcare system if individuals take the initiative. The Gesundheitsmonitor (Healthcare Monitor) routinely surveys individual users of the healthcare system about their experiences and needs.


More focus areas and projects

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HealthPolicyMonitor - Tracking health policy trends

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