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Search tips

  • Umlauts (ö, ä, ü) are recognized
  • Letters are not case-sensitive
  • Use an asterisk (*) at the end of a word for a fuzzy search
  • Use a question mark (?) as a placeholder for any letter
  • If the project contains several keywords, enter them one after the other, separated by a space
  • To search for a phrase, enclose it in quotation marks: " "




Searching for several terms at once

Enter all the words in the search field, separated by spaces. The search function automatically links them with the logical operator “and,” meaning that a project from the hit list will include all of the words entered.


Search for a phrase

Enter the complete title in the search field in quotation marks:

“Agenda: Modern Regulation” finds the project with the same name.


Using placeholders / searching for variations of a term

Use the placeholder * anywhere in a word:

“Demograph*” returns projects whose description or title includes the word “demographics,” “demographic” or “demographical.” The asterisk replaces any number of characters. Words without an ending must have an asterisk at the end. Entering “demograph” alone will result in zero hits.

If you enter “demogra*ics ,” however, the project search function will find the desired results regardless of spelling.


Use a question mark (?) as a placeholder for single letters:

“Schmi?t” finds information on both “Schmidt” and “Schmitt.”


Advanced search

To perform a more advanced search, there are two options, which can be combined:


Select a program: To search the projects for only one program area the foundation, politics, society, business, education, healthcare or culture, then select the relevant field.


To see which projects are associated with a program, leave the Title search field blank.


Select a project: Use the search form to search in all projects or to limit the search to current or completed projects.


Starting the search To start the search, click the corresponding button.


Search results Search results are listed alphabetically.

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