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KiTa ZOOM • financing elementary education effectively

All children need equal educational opportunities, yet each child learns differently. The KiTa ZOOM project, formerly called Financing Elementary Education, tests innovative ways of providing childcare facilities with personnel and other resources that reflect each facility’s specific situation.

Project Description

Current News


OECD Conference on Early Childhood Education in Paris

Kathrin Bock-Famulla accepted an invitation by the OECD to present information on innovative approaches used in a number of countries for financing elementary education. Over the course of the two-day conference, the international Network for Early Childhood Education examined more effective ways of providing childcare facilities with the resources they need. The Bertelsmann Stiftung has developed an approach that begins by looking at the desired level of quality of education and at the specific challenges faced by the childcare facility. The basic idea is that each facility should be funded based on its individual situation and needs.


Contact Person
Portrait Anette Stein Anette Stein
+49 5241 81-81274
Headshot of Kathrin Bock-Famulla Kathrin Bock-Famulla
+49 5241 81-81173
Keinert, Katharina Katharina Keinert
+49 5241 81-81208
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